VC Funzone is coming your way!

Between the feats of athleticism, hard competition, awesome community, and of course stylish gear, it's hard to imagine ultimate tournaments becoming any more fun than they already are. Our staff of scientists in the research and development department have been working round the clock to increase the maximum fun potential and we are proud to present our exciting results: The VC Funzone!

The VC Funzone is our special tournament signature. We use state-of-the-art technology to increase fun intake including but not limited to: bubbles, balloons, temporary tattoos, and Spikeball. The Funzone can be tailored in a variety of ways to fit different events, with more competitive types of fun like our Speedzone where you can test your fastest throwing speed, Spikeball games for some leisurely competition, and quick Funzone mini-games to win prizes... like free Spikeball sets!

If you’re a fan of Pundamonium pun competitions, competing for fastest throw, relay races, plus all the free hats and swag and other prizes that go along with those things, then the VC Funzone is the place for you!

Coming soon to a European tournament near you...