2015 VC Ultimate Mix Championships in Japan

VC is very excited to support the upcoming 2015 VC Mixed Championships in Japan on December 19-20!

Ultimate is huge in Japan, in part because of the efforts of Club Jr, who work tirelessly to organize tournaments for every division of player. The VC team has had the chance to meet with the fine folks from Club Jr - including the always smiling Satoru Ishii - for many international events. We were thrilled when the opportunity arose to partner and create the VC Mixed Championships!

There will be 17 amazing teams at the VC Mixed Championships.One of the best parts about merchandising tournaments like this is giving back to some amazing communities and exceptional ultimate players.

Who needs medals when you can get champion shorts and hats?
USA, World, and PAUC champions (and one of our favorite teams) Drag'n Thrust receiving both champion shorts and Spirit of the Game hats at the 2015 Pan American Ultimate Championships.

The prize for the winners of the VC Mix Championship!



For the inaugural VC Mix Championships, Club Jr and VC have something special in mind! 




We are so excited for this event that our founding director, Adriana Withers, and the tournament organizer, Akihiko Yoshida, each wanted to share a greeting with all the players about to participate in this event:

Dear 2015 VC Ultimate Mix Championship players, 

VC Ultimate is so proud to be working with Club Jr to bring you this amazing new event. Having 17 teams in our inaugural year shows the strength of your Ultimate community and we are excited to be associated with each and every competitor. I have personally been lucky enough to meet many players from Japan at different tournaments around the world and have enjoyed the spirit, energy and impressive skill that you bring to our sport.

Japan is such a beautiful country that it is an honor to be able to draw inspiration from Japanese culture and nature for VC designs.

Your friends at VC are all wishing you the best of luck for this event and I hope you enjoy playing in the 2015 VC Ultimate Mix Championships as much as I have enjoyed working on it! 

Warm regards,

Adriana Withers
Founding Director
VC Ultimate Inc.


We're very excited to host first ever mixed tournament for college/high school players.

We're thankful to have about 300 players in this inaugural event.
We expect to have 500 players within 5 years and 1,000 players in 10 years. 

We appreciate generous support of VC Ultimate.
We would like to invite Ms. Adriana to the event in the future. 

Thank you very much.
Truly Yours,

Akihiko Yoshida
CLUB Jr. Inc. Founder/Owner

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for event highlights and news on the 2015 VC Mixed Championships!