March 28, 2016

Copyright Infringement: the Dos and Don'ts of Fair Use

The Do's and Dont's of jersey design.
In creating gear for ultimate we are lucky to work with a talented and creative community. When we brought sublimation to ultimate teams back in 2001, we helped start a new era for jersey design in our sport. Now, 15 years later, inspired designers are coming to us with incredibly creative and artistic works continually!

There is one catch, however: many teams come to us with amazing creative ideas that we unfortunately can't follow through with due to copyright law. It's very easy to see something you like and want it reproduced on your gear, but there are a lot of laws and policies in the way.  

According to the Stanford University Libraries, Fair Use refers to, "any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work." Commentary or criticism most likely don't apply to ultimate designs, but often teams like to parody other works. Keep in mind that the key word is "transformative" - it's not enough to just change the color or rearrange some elements, it needs to be transformed into a new work of art.

To make it easier on you, we've compiled a list of Dos and Don'ts when navigating the tricky waters of copyright law:


  • Do send us examples of art and images that you like. Our graphic designers will not be able to copy it for your gear but they can use it as a starting point to get an idea of what you're looking for. Hopefully they can capture the essence of the works and create something new for you!

  • Do reach out to artists and institutions for permission. Emerging artists especially may be willing to give you written permission for use of a work of art, or a company may appreciate the free publicity from using their logo. A written copyright release is necessary!

  • Do make use of the Public Domain- works whose exclusive intellectual property rights have expired, have been forfeited, or are inapplicable. It may take some research, but one great resource is the National Gallery of Art which offers free downloads of art in the public domain. 


  • Don't assume that just because it seems free, it is. Examples of copyrighted material include cartoon characters, corporate logos, school mascots, college names (i.e. "University of Michigan"), and even the term "frisbee"!
  • Don't try and cheat the system. If you didn't make it yourself, you most likely need permission to use it. It's not just a SOTG thing - there could be serious legal implications for our company and your team.
  • Don't give up! These may seem like tricky waters but we'd be happy to help you navigate! The original and legal piece of art we can work together to create will make for a more unique jersey anyway!

It never hurts to aspire to an original design (Watercolor Jersey). But some designs are inspired from life (Turkish LS, from the Hagia Sophia Basilica). Other times, you can get the rights to reproduce an image (Contraband).
It never hurts to aspire to an original design (Watercolor Jersey). But some designs are inspired from life (Turkish LS, from the Hagia Sophia Basilica). Other times, you can get the rights to reproduce an image (Contraband).

You can get your order started by following this link, or feel free to email us at if you have any questions. Let's get designing!

March 11, 2016

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Brighton Women's Skills Clinic

The women of the Brighton skills clinic!

This past February we had the pleasure of partnering with Brighton Ultimate for a Women's Skills Clinic! The weekend was a great opportunity for women at all levels to learn together from great coaches and players in the UK and we were extremely pleased to be a part of it. Read our recap interview with tournament director Hannah Brew below!

1) How was the idea for this clinic day hatched? What was your main goal? 

Although there are various other We aimed high for the Brighton Women's Clinic!skills clinics days available to women in the South, I wanted to create a big day event where the players themselves chose what they wanted to learn. It also timed in nicely for those that were going to University Women's Regionals (5th/6th March) as well as those looking to kick start their club season. The main goal was to create a memorable event that catered for all abilities and actually taught the skills that women wanted to learn. 

2) What went into the planning for the event? Did you run into any unexpected road blocks?

I originally contacted as many University and club teams across the South to ask them what they wanted from a skills day. This started back in September. Then with the help of the Brighton Ultimate name I started advertising and contacting the teams to get them to sign up, and start letting us know what they wanted! I had to persuade our very lovely coaches to volunteer their time for the day. Luckily they are all as passionate as me about improving the opportunities that female ultimate players have to attend well run events like these that cater for the needs of the female player. Roadblocks probably didn't occur until the week run up to the event. The weather was going to play a big factor in the day, and we were incredibly lucky that despite a bit of wind, and it being very very chilly, we couldn't have asked for a more sunny February day!

3) What were you most excited about leading up to the day?

So exciting! Brighton Women's Ultimate Clinic!

I was most excited about seeing how many ladies would turn up! I had an idea of how many to expect as people had to sign up for the event, but there were various teams who contacted asking if they could bring more ladies on the day!

4) Take us for a walk through the clinic day. What did the average attendee experience?

An attendee would turn up, sign in, and then be encouraged to chat to the other attendees. We then split everyone up into 6 groups. Each group had a very enthusiastic team leader from the local area. We has a mass warm up, poor Ste had to direct ~80 women who couldn't stop talking to each other! Just before the groups were split off into their drill stations we had a mass game of stuck in the mud, which was filmed!

The group leaders then directed their group of ~12-14 ladies to their relevant drill stations. The stations were; Agility and cutting by Shimmy, Sprint mechanics by Toby, Throwing clinic by Felix, Throw 2 space by Tom Mannings, Boxing out by Miles, and finally timing of hucks with Nick. We had a big lunch break where everyone ate together and spoke about the day thus far, and then the day finished with 2 big games.

5) How did VC Lookfly add to the event? 

Lookfly gave us Brice for a start. He was great, he came shopping with me, signed everyone in, made loads of sandwiches, took photos, set up pitches, and generally helped towards the smooth runLookfly swag makes every event better!ning of the event! We asked the coaches to watch the games at the end and nominate some players that made big plays! The rest of the swag went to MIPs from each group nominated by the group leaders. It was nice to have something to reward the players with, it certainly added to the event.

6) What are your plans for this event in the future?

We're currently collecting feedback from the players. We'd like to go bigger and better next year, perhaps cater more for the difference in experience. We would like a much more diverse range of stations and allow players to sign up to the ones they were interested in doing. We have long term plans of making it into a weekend event later in the season, perhaps with camping, parties and a hat tournament on the Sunday! Who knows, we just see this as the start of a great women's event that we can only build on every year.

The Show Game shows a clinic group at work!

Stay connected! See the Facebook page for Brighton Ultimate news and events. Thanks to The Show Game for some of the pictures!
February 23, 2016

New Kids on the Block Recap

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of sponsoring a beginners' event in Nottingham. New Kids on the Block was a great success! Jassy Drakulic, the TD for Flytght Club, was nice enough to write us a recap about all the fun they had spreading the sport to some new players. Cheers to New Kids on the Block, not to be confused with the American 80s boy band.

A fortnight ago it was my pleasure to run the inaugural New Kids on the Block, an indoor developers tournament hosted by Nottingham’s Flyght Club. Players attended the one-day event from across the Midlands region at the

fantastic venue of Nottingham’s Wildcats Arena. Developers were categorised as those with under a year’s training, or a more casual background, with one experienced player per team alloTeams huddle up for a spirit circlewed on the pitch at a time. Teams played loose-mixed, with a minimum of one woman per point, in a round robin format. Players were encouraged to exercise good spirit throughout the day and spirit slips were awarded to individuals deemed particularly spirited by their opposition.

Going into the second half of the day, Cranfield were dominating the results table. However an athletic and pitch-aware Bradford side made the competition for a spot in the final a close run affair, alongside pressure from University of Nottingham and Loughborough University teams that had been improving throughout the day. When all the round robin matches were concluded, Bradford, Loughborough and Cranfield all ended the day on 5 wins apiece, but with one draw each to their name Cranfield and Loughborough were into the final. These teams met in their very first game, and Cranfield came out with a comfortable win, 10-6. When they met again in the final Cranfield quickly went up by a break, continuing to play the high risk, high reward tactics that had been successful for them thus far. However, Loughborough had a winning mentality, and kept a calm composure on offence and a determination on defense that eventually started to put points on the board. With a New players shredding the gym!breadth of skill across the team, and outstanding performances from their developers, Loughborough broke back and continued to rack up the points, pushing them into a leading position that Cranfield simply didn’t have the time, or the legs, to come back from. Loughborough ended the tournament as champions, winning the team spirit prize as well.The talent from across the region was quite stunning. Spectacular catching ability was on display from the Cranfield University side, a testament to the indoor “endzone-monkey” style of coach Ryan Harris. Contrastingly both University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University teams fielded experienced players who were themselves only just out of the developer’s threshold, and who played a much more flowing and well-drilled full team style of play. Leicester’s experience from Kay White appeared to have inspired their developer women as shown in the team’s strong female cohort being the greatest in number.

Thanks to the generosity of VC Lookfly we were able to award a host of swag-tastic prizes for standout individuals in the following categories:

 Free swag!

Most spirited male & female: Alister Weber (Nottingham Trent University) & Lauren Mounteney (University of Nottingham)

Most valuable experienced player: Ian Thursfield (University of Bradford)

Most valuable developer in the final, male & female: George Hill & Anastasia Ilina (Loughborough University)

I look forward to another edition of New Kids on the Block in 2016 that provides the same excellent competitive opportunities and incentives for a fresh batch of up and coming players.

Jassy Drakulic
Flyght Club TD 2015-16

January 27, 2016

Tracie Ching: Five Years as a Design Mastermind

Tracie Ching

January 2016 marks five years of Tracie Ching designing jerseys for us! Tracie has made some amazing designs across the years, in particular the sublimated designs from our international World Flying Disc Federation tournaments. Check out her story: a glimpse at what it's like to be an artist in the ultimate community! Should we call it artimate? Probably not, but still. 

Danmark 2015 Subs
What was it like when you joined VC 5 years ago? What's the story - how did you get connected with the company?

In 2011, VC hosted one of its first sublimated design contests. I didn't know it then, but the contest was one of the earlier attempts to suss out talent for VC's first design team. Funny thing is I lost that contest, but I guess VC liked my design enough to invite me back to submit something for a team. Once again, my design wasn't chosen, but I was invited to join the team regardless, which should serve as a lesson that success does not always manifest as you might think. Talent and a good work ethic can and will be rewarded!
Team Canada 2013
How did your history as an artist and ultimate player uniquely suit you to designing for VC?

I actually had no official design training. I went to school for fine art with a concentration in mixed media sculpture. I had a minor in printmaking but somehow never managed to touch silkscreen. But in being the "artsy" one, I was often asked to help designing jerseys for my college team, and later my league teams. It was one of my old captains who recommended I submit to the VC contest and it was at that time I had started to dabble in design. VC really helped me hone those skills so in truth we grew together. 

Team Canada 2015Has the company changed a lot in 5 years? What's been the biggest change for you?

I think VC has always had a reputation synonymous with quality, and that really hasn't changed. The big difference is that reputation is now international. I think VC's strong presence has been felt, and resonated, in many corners of the world. I feel grateful to be part of a company that has grown into such an excellent ambassador to the sport of ultimate frisbee. 

What are a few of your favorite designs/projects you've worked on?

That is really tough. Team-wise: I loved helping create Team Danmark's 2015 subs (first picture). And the Team Canada subs from 2013 and 2015 always stand out in my mind (pictured above). Special project-wise: I can't get enough of the Dia de los Muertos from our World Class Collection (pictured below).

Dia de los Muertos

Who in the whole world, past or present, would you most like to design a jersey for, and what would you put on it?
Since starting this job I have always harbored a dream of designing gear for one of the first ultimate teams to play in the Olympics.
Good luck achieving that dream Tracie, we believe in you! If you'd like to see more of Tracie's art, you can check out her website or Facebook page!
December 11, 2015

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Welcome, Bienvenue, Brice!

VC Ultimate was started in 1998 in Montreal, which is a predominantly French-speaking part of Canada. While our production team is bilingual, the VC customer service team has never had a fully French-speaking member - until now!! We are so excited to announce that we are now able to offer our customers - in Europe, here in Canada and around the World - the best service not only in English, but also in French... and German!

Please allow us to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Brice Daudel:

 Just look at that warm, welcoming smile!

Brice will be working for VC Ultimate for the French speaking countries of Europe and French Canada. He started playing ultimate in 2012 with the Monkey of Grenoble and loved it right away. Soon after, he decided to help out for the European Championship of Beach Ultimate 2013 and got completely hooked on volunteering. When he is not throwing or organizing events, he is spending his time on his web design company based in the UK. Brice is also very passionate about languages so he can meet more people when travelling around the globe. You can contact him at /


VC Ultimate fut fondée en 1998 à Montréal, qui est principalement une partie francophone du Canada. Tandis que notre équipe de production est bilingue, l’équipe du service client n’a jamais eu un membre Français - jusqu’à maintenant!! Nous sommes très heureux d’annoncer que nous pouvons désormais offrir à nos clients - en Europe, ici au Canada et autour du Monde - les meilleurs services non seulement en Anglais, mais aussi en Français… et en Allemand!

Permettez-nous de vous présenter le nouveau membre de notre équipe, Brice Daudel:

Bienvenue Brice!

Brice est le nouveau représentant commercial de VC Lookfly pour les pays francophones. Il a commencé l’ultimate en 2012 à Grenoble, au club des Monkey. Il a tout de suite adhéré à cette pratique sportive. L’été 2013, il décide de participer en tant que volontaire aux European Championships of Beach Ultimate et c’est à ce moment là qu’il s’est trouvé une nouvelle passion dans l’organisation de tournois. Quand il ne lance pas de frisbee ou organise des événements, il consacre son temps à son entreprise de design web basée en Angleterre. Brice à aussi un intérêt affirmé pour langues vivantes, ce qui lui permet de faire beaucoup de rencontres lors de ses voyages autour du monde. Vous pouvez le contacter par email à /

December 07, 2015

2015 VC Ultimate Mix Championships in Japan

VC is very excited to support the upcoming 2015 VC Mixed Championships in Japan on December 19-20!

Ultimate is huge in Japan, in part because of the efforts of Club Jr, who work tirelessly to organize tournaments for every division of player. The VC team has had the chance to meet with the fine folks from Club Jr - including the always smiling Satoru Ishii - for many international events. We were thrilled when the opportunity arose to partner and create the VC Mixed Championships!

There will be 17 amazing teams at the VC Mixed Championships.One of the best parts about merchandising tournaments like this is giving back to some amazing communities and exceptional ultimate players.

Who needs medals when you can get champion shorts and hats?
USA, World, and PAUC champions (and one of our favorite teams) Drag'n Thrust receiving both champion shorts and Spirit of the Game hats at the 2015 Pan American Ultimate Championships.

The prize for the winners of the VC Mix Championship!



For the inaugural VC Mix Championships, Club Jr and VC have something special in mind! 




We are so excited for this event that our founding director, Adriana Withers, and the tournament organizer, Akihiko Yoshida, each wanted to share a greeting with all the players about to participate in this event:

Dear 2015 VC Ultimate Mix Championship players, 

VC Ultimate is so proud to be working with Club Jr to bring you this amazing new event. Having 17 teams in our inaugural year shows the strength of your Ultimate community and we are excited to be associated with each and every competitor. I have personally been lucky enough to meet many players from Japan at different tournaments around the world and have enjoyed the spirit, energy and impressive skill that you bring to our sport.

Japan is such a beautiful country that it is an honor to be able to draw inspiration from Japanese culture and nature for VC designs.

Your friends at VC are all wishing you the best of luck for this event and I hope you enjoy playing in the 2015 VC Ultimate Mix Championships as much as I have enjoyed working on it! 

Warm regards,

Adriana Withers
Founding Director
VC Ultimate Inc.


We're very excited to host first ever mixed tournament for college/high school players.

We're thankful to have about 300 players in this inaugural event.
We expect to have 500 players within 5 years and 1,000 players in 10 years. 

We appreciate generous support of VC Ultimate.
We would like to invite Ms. Adriana to the event in the future. 

Thank you very much.
Truly Yours,

Akihiko Yoshida
CLUB Jr. Inc. Founder/Owner

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for event highlights and news on the 2015 VC Mixed Championships!

November 11, 2015

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Women's Cut Shorts "Make the Cut"

Introducing: Women's Cut VC Shorts!

Did you know that for team orders VC offers women’s cut shorts? Ladies of the ultimate world can finally celebrate the perfect pair of shorts, custom-made just for them!

The dirty details: our women’s cut shorts have all of the same beloved features of our traditional VC shorts, but with a shorter length just right for the modern ultimate chick! They’re made with our comfortable and moisture-wicking FlexLight material, our traditionally wide waistband, and the interior pocket still included. The difference comes mainly in the length of the shorts – a couple of inches shorter than our standard unisex shorts.

Confident ultimate ladies in comfort and style

Phoenix, the women’s club team out of North Carolina, wore our women’s cut shorts for this past club season and had a whole lot to say about them:

Celebrating! Either they just scored, or they're just happy to be in their new shorts!I love the women's shorts! Finally, ultimate shorts that I'm not swimming in! 
- Brooke Stanislawski

Other ultimate shorts are too long with too much excess material and I loved the VCWomen's cut.  They're my go-to ultimate shorts now so I wish I had more. 
- Kristen Mazur 

Devon Ericksen from Phoenix had a whole bunch of nice things to say! We’ve pared down her review to just the most important parts: 

Ericksen and teammates reveling in lady shorts sisterhood.VC's women's shorts are the breath of fresh air in a contentious frisbee shorts world that is filled with extremes. They manage to strike a happy medium between these extremes: not too long or too short, fabric that is not too stretchy or too stiff, a waistband that is not too wide or too tight… This new length is the answer - it falls comfortably a few inches above the knees - a shorter length that still maintains its swagger… The folks in the garment lab did their testing well.” 

Thanks, Phoenix ladies, for the great reviews!

The long wait for the perfect women’s solution is over: you can order women’s cut shorts in any color for your team, just email to get started!

May 12, 2015

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VC Funzone is coming your way!

Between the feats of athleticism, hard competition, awesome community, and of course stylish gear, it's hard to imagine ultimate tournaments becoming any more fun than they already are. Our staff of scientists in the research and development department have been working round the clock to increase the maximum fun potential and we are proud to present our exciting results: The VC Funzone!

The VC Funzone is our special tournament signature. We use state-of-the-art technology to increase fun intake including but not limited to: bubbles, balloons, temporary tattoos, and Spikeball. The Funzone can be tailored in a variety of ways to fit different events, with more competitive types of fun like our Speedzone where you can test your fastest throwing speed, Spikeball games for some leisurely competition, and quick Funzone mini-games to win prizes... like free Spikeball sets!

If you’re a fan of Pundamonium pun competitions, competing for fastest throw, relay races, plus all the free hats and swag and other prizes that go along with those things, then the VC Funzone is the place for you!

Coming soon to a European tournament near you...

May 12, 2015

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VC & Lookfly

VC Ultimate welcomes Lookfly to our family of premium ultimate-focused brands! With the launch of VC Europe, we are teaming up with the fine folks at Lookfly to offer direct access to premium VC merchandise for players, teams and tournaments. Lookfly’s European-made sublimated apparel line will continue to be offered World-wide, with new styles and materials on the near horizon.

Lookfly products will soon be offered in the VC Europe online store, and look out for the VC Lookfly gear at tournaments around Europe this summer.
For more information, drop us a line:

General Information:
UK Sales & Inquiries: or Steve Giguere at /
Germany, Switzerland & Austria Sales: Timo Keppner /
May 12, 2015

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Hello Europe!


VC is excited to announce the launch of its European branch, VC Ultimate Europe! Based out of the UK, VC Europe will launch its online store in the coming weeks, making it possible for players to pick up premium VC swag from within the EU!

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks, and be sure to follow @vceurope on twitter for online store, uniform and tournament updates!

Upcoming Events:
May 30-31: OTW1 (Nottingham, UK)
July 12-18: WFDF U23 World Championships (London, UK)
July 27-August 2: European Ultimate Championships (Copenhagen, Denmark)
August 3-8: European Youth Ultimate Championships (Frankfurt, Germany)